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With video editing and multi-track recording software getting more and more powerful, my old computer needs to be replaced with a new cutting edge computer that will keep me going for the next five or so years. Thanks for any help you can provide!

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About Me

Where I'm From and Where I'm Going

I moved from Digby, Nova Scotia and ended up here in Drayton Valley, Alberta. At the moment I'm a truck driver hauling wood chips for the pulp and paper industry. On the side I'm slowly trying to become an independent music artist that can make a living from music and related jobs. I've played guitar and sang since 1986 when I was sixteen years old, and I hope to never stop. 

I know that the key to a sustainable music career is to write a lot of songs and to have your own sound... This is what I have to focus on..

Join me on my journey and say hi when you can..


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